Foster adoption without Fostering
Is it possible to adopt an available foster child without having to be a foster parent for other children? I have a five year old daughter who gets attached easily as do my husband and I and I do not want a child to become part of our family only to have to leave us. We want to adopt a child or sibling group through foster care permanently. Thank you for reading my post and for any information you can give.
you can. the problem is, nothing is risk-free. even a low risk placement could end up being full of risk. i have known children who were placed in adoptive families, as their families headed to tpr....with seemingly no chance of r/u, and at the last moment the children were returned to parents or other relatives. so while you may lower your risk by doing straight adoption out of foster care, the risk doesn't disappear....unless maybe a child was already legally free for adoption...but i don't know if that happens very often. i don't want to discourage you, bc there are also many success stories....i just want you to know the reality of the situation is that the entire process and system are unpredictable. Smile
You can just do straight adoption and you would not have to foster a child...but that child would have to be legally free for in foster care have case plans that may include re-unification with birthparents, kinship placement, etc and the birthparents rights have not been terminated(which is required to adopt)....they are not legally free to be adopted....
Yes you can, they would need to be already legally free for adoption. Depending the ages you would be looking at you might be on a long waiting list or it could happen it a few short months.

Good luck.
Yes. Check out [url=]AdoptUsKids - Children In Foster Care Awaiting Adoption[/url]. The kids on that site are almost all legally free for adoption, though sometimes the write-ups will specify that it's a legal risk child or that the parental rights are "being" terminated, meaning they aren't yet, in which case it's possible that the child could be returned to family. Most states keep their own photolistings or matching databases before the kids go on the adoptuskids site, too.

i was surprised to find out that in my state (TN), if someone wants to adopt ONLY without fostering (not including legal risk placements), they can ONLY adopt a child over the age of 9 or a sibling group of 3 or more. So definitely check with your state on their requirements. Some states also have requirements that you foster for a certain amount of time before they will let you use your homestudy to adopt from another state.

You *may* be able to bypass some of that if you go through a private agency and pay for your homestudy. Some of the requirements are because the state has limited resources and homestudies are free or nearly free through the state, but they don't want to expend their resources on people who only want to adopt from out of state or children that are very easy to place.
You absolutely can. We now are the proud forever parents of a 3 and 4 year old, relatively healthy, great little people. They bounced around fostercare for 2 1/2 years. TPR occured and then they came to our home. 6 months later we adopted them.

We waited about 3 or 4 months to be "matched" to the kids. There are PLENTY of kids available to straight adopt without needing to worry about your daughter attaching to a child that would need to leave.

Good Luck in your decision.
We are a straight adopt family. Our kids were legally free for adoption. We did not foster at all. You should call your local CPS or an agency and get info. It is very possible. Good Luck!!!!
We are also a straight adopt family. Our daughter was placed on December 1st. We are suppose to legally adopt her at the end of May.
Fostering to adopt?
I live in NJ and last year I called DYFS fostering and told them I wanted to go straight to adoption and they told me that I would have to accept an 8 yr old child. I want an infant or a 2-4 yr old. I am looking for a white child so I guess that makes it even harder. Is it impossible and a long wait if I go right to adoption and skip foster. Someone advised me go to fostering and then its easier to adopt.

Ocean County NJ
I think that advice is right on. kids in foster care, if they become available for adoption and no family comes forward to adopt them, are first offered to the foster family they are with. I know that is why we are fostering. i wouldn't let a child those ages go if we had option to adopt them after fostering. I think that's pretty typical for younger kids.
So it is possible to get a caucasian infant or toddler to adopt from foster care?
It took us over a year, but we got adoptive placement of our two children ages 4 and 2 years old two weeks ago. We really thought we would adopt older children, and we were shocked when we got our kids. They are both caucasian, but we were open to other races. Things just worked out this way. We were straight adopt. I think you just have to be patient. Good Luck.
Yes it is possible to do straight adoption on a younger child. They tell you they mostly do adoptions of 9 and under because that is the age they need foster parents for the most. Unless you are open to legal risk you may not be able to get a newborn because they still have to go through the TPR process.
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