Just wondering, and not using this as an avenue to get a child we would adopt to the states, does Guat. have any process to let high school students come here and study for a year and then return home?
mom to 2 bios and 4 adopted.
I don't know the answer, except if they were allowed to come as an exchange student, it would most likely be a child from a wealthier family, a wealthier, private school I would think, and not a child without family in need of adoptin. It seems anyone with access to an exchange program would have some priveleges. Just my thought.
I had several friends who went to the States as exchange students. Some were wealthy, some were middle class and their parents saved up for years to send them to learn English and live with a family for a few months. They usually were "matched" with families with children/adolescents of the same age. Ages went from 11 to 16, if I remember right. The one program I remember was called "The Friendly Exchange", send me a PM if you want me to find out more.
Also, there are au pair programs to get baby sitters who want to learn English. Au pairs just pay for their plane ticket, unsure if there is an additional fee, but if there is, it will be far more affordable. The average age is 18.
Yes there is a wonderful program that is for RURAL
IMPOVERISHED children!! They do very well here,
super bright kids and go home for the summer --
the goal of the program is to educate them high
school through college so that they can be leaders of
the community in Guatemala.
not sure if I can post the name of the group --
you can also sponser a student if you cannot host
Its a very small organization and all the volunteers work
very hard to get these students a good education.
PM me if you want the info