Hi everyone:
Please allow me to introduce myself. I have been an adoptive parent since March 2007, when we brought our little boy home from Russia after an emotional 3 year process.
I am also a new author and thrilled to introduce my book "Sasha's Little Red Box." It is the story of one child's journey from an overcrowded Russian orphanage to his forever family in a strange new world. The book explores Sasha's experiences as he obtains a little red box in which to store extra scraps of food.
When my husband and I received the referral of our little "Sasha," we were overwhelmed with questions and indecision. While the adoption process was emotionally draining, the process of his journey home was emotionally fulfilling in every aspect. Sasha captured our hearts and we knew he had changed our lives forever.
As you know, in today's world, more and more couples are turning to international adoption as a way to build their families. For many adoptive parents, the process can be emotionally and financially challenging. Equally challenging are the experiences that many adopted children face in their journeys home.
My book documents Sasha's journey from destitution and hunger to salvation and fulfillment. I am also hoping this book brings to light childhood hunger and the plight of orphans worldwide.
I am so very excited about this book and hope that you will consider reading it in the future. For more information, you can visit my website [url=]sdjones books |[/url].
Thank you.
Sandra Jones