I was born In Xenia Ohio 13 Nov 1978 as Arthur Talmadge Lester. My mothers name was Connie Sue Badger...I think. She is white and put me up in Sacreamento California due to disapproval from her family due to me being mixed black and white and her young age. She is currently 46 y/o. I have recently found out that I have a sister about 2 years younger than me.
Hi! I live close-ish to Xenia, about 30 minutes away. Do you know if she returned to Ohio after your birth?
Dude ,I think I totally just found her on you want me to pm you the info?
I know you. I helped take care of you when you were born because you were my new nephew. You lived with my family. Your Mom Connie Lester was my step-sister. We used to call you Tal. Your Grandfather was married to my Mom for awhile. Your Mom has a brother and a sister.
Grandfather - Arthur Talbert Lester - Lived in Piqua, OH after he and my mom divorced- his ex-wife's parent's were from Xenia, I met them once. I had heard he moved to Texas with Ray, but not sure where they are now.
Uncle - Ray Lester
Aunt - Debbie - Dayton, OH
Mom - Connie Lester and Boyer were the two names I knew her as. She got married when you were very young.
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