What is the current situation with Kyrgyzstan? Rumblings of it reopening are going around and the adoption .state site leads one to believe it will be. Anyone know anything about it or where I can find out more?
Saw this on the State Department's site:
Adoption Notice: Kyrgyzstan's Ministry of Social Development to Accept New Applications from Adoption Service Providers
The Kyrgyz Ministry of Social Development published its final regulations regarding the authorization of adoption service providers on its Russian/ Kyrgyz language website on January 9, 2014. The announcement includes contact information for the Ministry and instructions on the procedure for interested adoption service providers to apply for authorization to operate in Kyrgyzstan l. The regulations go into effect on Sunday, February 23, 2014.
This is the latest I've seen:
[url=] - Kyrgyzstan At least 17 foreign companies to be engaged in adoption of children from Kyrgyzstan۠[/url]