Hi all. My hubby and I are looking to adopt our third child from South Korea and are looking at Holt International. Please PM me with the good, the bad, and the ugly.
My wife and I are beginning the process and want to adopt from Ethiopia. Could someone PM me as well regarding Holt International?
Hi! My husband & I are also beginning the process through Holt. The registration packet/application is on the way :) We would love to adopt from Korea.
I would appreciate any information as well ~please!
Thanks so much!!
We are also interested in adopting from Holt, any information would be helpful. This is our first child!
Hello everyone!
My husband and I have applied to adopt from Korea through Holt, and would really appreciate any feedback from those of you who have used Holt for your adoptions....especially for their South Korea program.
Please PM me at your convenience.
Hi Soapy,
My husband and are are considering this agency too, but we have not started our paperwork just yet, you should checkout the group "We did it" under Korean Adoptions that forum has alot of people adopting from Korea in it and they write all the time. Good Luck and Congrats!
Hi all, we too are begining our "research" stage and would love to hear from you about agencies..
We are in Texas. We have two bio sons and would love to be able to adopt a girl.
Please let me know about your experiences..
Thank you
I would love info on Holt and anyone's personal experience, good and bad. We are looking to adopt from Korea. We are in TN so if there is another agency to recommend, would love to hear that also. Thanks so much!
My wife and I are looking into Holt as well. Could someone PM me with pros and cons? Specifically, how are they different from AIAA or Spence Chaplin? (We live in IL and are both korean americans).
Hello all! We are just beginning this adoption journey and are seriously considering HOLT (PA) as our agency. But we have not decided 100%. We would so appreciate any thoughts/recommendations (both good and bad) about HOLT to help us make our decision. We'd especially love to hear from anyone who've gone through it recently!! THANK YOU!
After a long wait we are now eligible to take our first step to the process of international adoption from India, with my husband having obtained his US citizenship. We are looking at selecting an agency with India program from the list provided in CARA. We are based in California Bay area.
1.Can persons in this thread please provide me information on HOLT as an agency to go with for adopting from India. I was also looking at Children's Home Society Mn and BAAS(California) as well which his local to me. Would greatly appreciate any feedback on these agencies and also any other agecies for India programs.
2. I was also wondering whether it is important to have these agencies local to your state or city. Does it make any difference with ease of processing.
3. I am looking at adopting from South India most likely Tamil Nadu. That being said, do I need to check if these agencies have social workers or good tie ups with orphanages in these places? Does the wait time vary accordingly?
Thanking you for your time.
My husband and I are beginning to talk to different agencies and are considering Holt as well. We would love it if someone could offer some thoughts on Holt for South Korean adoption via PM. Thanks!