BB all (that's bright blessings)
My email address is I am the creator of the pagan adoptions info website: [url=]WELCOME TO PAGAN ADOPTIONS :: Information & Resources for Pagans who have adopted or who are hoping to adopt[/url]. My website is several years old but I still get hits and inquires from folks. Although I have no current adoption agency information on the site, I occasionally get "hits' from Pagan/Wiccan birth families looking to place children for adoption. I have received one such inquiry-a Pagan birth family and they are seeking a Pagan family. I am no longer seeking a placement; I am the blessed mom of my very own little moon monster.
Please contact me if your agency has adoptive families who are Pagan/Wiccan or if your agency has experience with Pagans/Wiccans and I will add you to the list of information stored on my site.
I have never requested agency info before from social workers(just found the thread ) but if it could help lace children in a loving home, Ill do everything I possibly can.