Need help with Adoption Paperwork for subsidy
I have adopted previously from foster care but don't remember what I put down as far as expenses for the kids. I have received subsidy paperwork and have no idea what to put down. If anyone has been through this recently I would really appreciate any help. I am about to adopt a sibling group of two, 33 months old and 18 months old. As a single parent I am the only income for this household. Some of the questions are about estimated clothing allowances for myself and my already adopted son...I haven't a clue what to say. I'm just in need of some guidance from anyone who has done this recently... I really just want enough to keep them in daycare until they are of school age. (I do know that the subsidy amounts vary from $0 to $450 a month.) Any help/advice would be appreciated.
I was hoping you would
get some replys here , becouse our child just got sent to adoption prep , but no one seems to want o answer these kind of questions.
I hope you figured it out , it looks as though I'm going to be in the same happy boat.:loveyou:
when I filled out the paperwork before I was as honest as I could be but also realistic. I put down truly what I would pay for as I do for my own Biological children. It doesn't matter if you are way over what their expectations are, just put down realistically what it would be. Especially with children your ages you will be replacing clothing quickly as they are on big growth spurt patterns. Write these things down. Also document in there anything that you read about in the files, if they soil their things, etc. I know they are young, but you need to document and point these things out.

As for daycare document that too in one of the other sections. There are separate sections for the furniture you need to supply, clothing, their activities etc. This would also include any extra classes that you might want to put them in as well like mommy and me classes or little tykes programs. So basically you just put it all down there and then they will make their adjustments.

I hope this helps. It is pretty easy to fill out once you get started. It was daunting for me to when I started. Congrats!
Thanks to both of you for responding Smile

My worker gave me some different forms which are supposed to be easier but they don't look like it to me. I was hoping either my worker or the kids' worker would offer some insight, but no such luck.

I guess I'll just have to sit down and get it done so I can find out what they are going to give. I honestly think they already know but just go through the motions...time will tell.

Thanks again!
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