Well this is the Better Than a Birthday Annual Thread~
Of all nights for my computer to mess up was last night. I so wanted to post this just after midnight but by 11:15 pm I was getting no where so I had to wait until now.
As i said in otyher posts my "Special Day" was usually started where my Sweet Momma would meet me after to school and we would go to church. Then is was followed by a favorite special dinner and homemade cake and card and some small keepsake.
I am very grateful that at my age I do have both my aparents alive though Momma has alzhimers and is in a nursing home(I visit her daily) and I will visit her later today with my dad.
Fifty three years ago prayers were answered and God's plan fufilled when I was placed in the arms of My Sweet Momma. At that moment I honestly belive I born in a sense that this weas the very forst time I ever in my short life experienced any kind of love. Please understand, this is MY story and I do not mean to demean any Bmoms who love their babies. This was NOT the case for me. My bmom wanted nothing at all to do with me, did not see or hold me. Nothing like today , I wisked to a place where nuns were all but loving and barely nmet my basic needs. This I know for a fact. The very fist time I was ever helpd and fed a bottle was by my Sweet Momma and the very first time I was ever kissed or loved on was the day I was placed in the arms of my aparents.
People sometimes ask me "how can you say this day is better than a birthday?" My answer is "what is to celebrate about the day you left a warm safe place to be thrown to a place of cold loveless existance?" I choose to celebrate the day I was first loved and cared for and became a part of" You see God created a world for me and on 3-4-56 I entered that world. Why would I not celebrate?
My aparents had suffered 3 stillborn full term c-section losses and prayed for a baby for almost 7 years yet afraid to try on their own. These were good people with honest intentions who despite all endured their losses and held on to their faith. I was an answer to that prayer and in some way they were the answer to my prayer.
I don't know that babies pray, but I do know as a baby I cried out behind closed door while being ignored by nuns who were supposed to be caretakers. The nuns might have chose to ignore my cries. but God heard them loud and clear and made certain that they were answered.
Anyhow, I am attaching apicture of one of the very first Special Day church visits.
Sweet Amom is on the right, my God mother is on the left and I am in the middle.
I plan on another post later with a card my Momma made me.
Thank you all for sharing this Special Day with me and reading my story