Just wondering if anyone has heard anything new. Wondering when they will make some decisions regarding the new legislation. We are one of those families stuck in the middle of all of this. We are adopting through AoH, our referral has been official since May of last year. We would love to hear that we can pick up our son soon.
We thought we'd have him home for Christmas 2009. We thought January and then February. Now we just don't know.
Our child is special needs and the judge held off signing the adoption decree in February for the MoJ's *written* approval of the adoption - to cover his butt since adoptions are still halted.
I guess we're still waiting for the MoJ to give a written OK to the judge.
It is absolutely horrible not knowing and not having a way to find out.
We were matched in July 2008.
We too have been waiting for a long time. We started the process in 2007, but due to the country slowing and closing, we were not able to bring our children home. One of our children is home on a medical visa currently and our dossiers just went over for two more children. Special needs cases are being processed currently but according to the Ministry of Health, all adoptions will be opening soon.
All adoptions must currently go through one of three licensed agencies. There are some changing coming to adoptions in Liberia as well, but we are just thankful that things are beginning to move.
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We are in a strange position because we are adopting relatives and we are new to the process. The adoption decree is ready to go but now we need to file the i600a
Does anyone know any homestudy that is affordable? We really need to save some money here. We are adopting two of my nieces and one has a baby. I'm not even sure if that will be a problem now she has a child. They are orphans, my sister passed away in 2007.
Any assistance will be greatly appreaciated as we are putting the paperwork together ourselves.