adoption Red file staffing
We have recently been chosen to go through the red file staffing for a sibling group. Has anyone ever been matched in their first red file mtg? I'm so excited but this is new for us and I am not sure if they give priority to families that have been waiting longer
How long a family has been waiting holds no weight in a red file staffing. The priority is to find the right family for the child, not necessarily to find a child for a family. There could be a family who just got certified and another who has been certified for 3 years - if the family certified for 3 years is not a good match, can't meet the needs of the child, etc. but the newly certified family is a good fit then they will select the newly certified family (and vice versa).

Good luck!!
Thanks AZinsider! We are just so excited to be a family to special kids and we would be blessed to be chosen to love and care for these 3
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