What type of compensation do you get for your fosterchild?
I'm curious if we are getting all the benefits available to our fosterchild. We currently get our monthly stipend, and a $125 annual clothing reimbursement (if receipts are provided), and we have WIC.

We did not qualify for daycare as far as I know. Is there anything else I'm missing? Someone mentioned they thought fosterparents get food stamps for the children...is that true?..or did they possibly mean WIC?
i think they meant wic. Smile
I get the same compensation I did when my kids were foster kids, well minus the clothing allowance and less money from AAP then what I was getting from my agency. I got a monthly stipend, WIC, and Medical.

I'm still trying to get the kids on Crystal Stairs because they do have money now, but we'll see if they qualify.
I get the monthly reimbursment, which I need to show receipts of $50.00 at least each month for clothing. And the kids are supposed to come with an extra startup amount for clothing from the county when they aren't coming with anything, but so far that's been 0/2.
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