O/T average head size of a 2 yr old???
We went for A's 2 yr old check up yesterday. His head size was only measuring 17inches which does not even put him on the growth chart. The concern is that he was prenatally exposed to drugs/alcohol and one of the signs for FAE/FAS is small head size. So I have been looking around online and can't find any numbers on the average head size of a 2yr old....anyone want to chime in with their child's measurements???
I am trying to keep in mind that he is small; he weighs 25lbs and is 34 inches, but he has many other characteristics of FAE so we are in the process of setting up an eval.
I'm just curious what his other percentiles are and also if his head size was ever on the chart?
His head size is not on the chart...for the life of me I can't remember what his other %'s were. Once they told me about the head I was in another world!!!!
I just looked up a pediatric growth chart. I entered 24 months, because I wasn't sure exactly how old A is. Average head size (50th percentile) for a 24 month old was listed as 18.75 inches. What does your pediatrician say?

My kiddo has a big head. Smile So I think his measurements won't be very helpful or reassuring.

ETA: According to the same chart - again for a 24-month-old - his measurements would put him at the 25-50th percentile for length and 10-25th percentile for weight.
I don't know the average, but my Spencer's head has always been 15th percentile or lower. At his last appointment it was no longer on the charts. Our pediatrician is sending us to a developmental / gentics doctor. Of course it takes forever to get in so our appointment is in November...

Hnag in there and QUIT LOOKING ON THE NET! I freak myself completely out every time I try to self diagnose!
E was also born with a tiny head (off charts) now it is I think in the 25th percentile but he is in the 50-75th in height and weight so it is still disproportionately small.

His Biological family has smallish heads though so you do need to take a look at that.
Yes - how it fits in with his previous measurements makes a big difference. Also - and I'm sure they were really careful - but did they double check their measurements? We have twice had nurses measure David and be so far off that the doctor rechecked. Once, his head measurement was put at the 10th percentile (usually he's close to the 90th) and his length below the chart completely (he's usually at the 30th). And when they rechecked - sure enough it was the measurements that were off. The difference between typical and below the chart can be only an inch or less, so they have to be careful.
Here's a site where you can look at the different growth charts and see where his height, weight, HC, and height/weight ratio fit in.

My daughter is 75% for height, 5% for weight, and her head is now up to 25%, it had been at 5%.

Each child is different and there may be a Biological-family tendency for small heads. However, if there are other signs of FAE, I wouldn't discount the small head being nothing. It must hurt, but I'd say do whatever follow up is needed.
I understand your concern. My four year old daughter was drug exposed, and her head circumference was always in the 5-10%. Whenever the doctor measured this, I would choke back tears, as it was a concrete reminder of her past. Still, the most important factor is if your child is following the growth chart. And yes, some kids just have smaller heads. BTW, my daughter is developing right on target. Keep your radar up but do your best not to become obsessed with it--good luck, it is a work in process for this mother!
I see the site I tried to post earlier didn't come through. Here it is again:
[url=http://kidshealth.org/parent/growth/growth/growth_charts.html]Growth Charts[/url]
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