Illinois Adoption Triad Support Group Faciliator for 13 years Seeking Position
My name is Jody Moreen and I have been a facilitator of two active adoption triad support groups for the past 13 years. Currently I am facilitator of Adoptees, Birth Parents and Adoptive Parents Together that meets in Naperville,IL. Previously I was facilitator of Full Circle Adoption Support Group in Indianapolis, IN. I have encouraged over 350 persons touched by adoption that have attended these groups. I have a BA degree in Psychology and a Human Services Certificate. I completed a 180 hour internship in Adoption with Bethany Christian Services in Indianapolis, IN. I am the former editor of Adoption Blessings Journal, A Christian outreach journal and was the co-founder, associate editor of Jewel Among Jewels Adoption News with Sherrie Eldridge, Adoption author, speaker. I have been a speaker and seminar leader on Adoption topics relating to adoptees and birth parents. Seeking a paid position in adoption in Dupage County IL or an online position in adoption.
For more information or a resume contact Jody at:
I continue to seek a position in an adoption agency or social services organization working primarily with adult adoptees, birth parents and adoptive parents( adoptive parents seeking assistance in their older, teen or adult adoptees. See my original post for my backround. My resume is available upon request
Chicagoland area, western suburbs

Jody Moreen
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