Does anyone know if there is a comprehensive list of groups for families with kids from Guatemala?
If you know of one, could you please tell me where to find that list?
And - if you know of a group - could you please post the name of the organization and which state? If you have a website link - that would be great too.
As I have been planning MOGUATE, I have been hearing from families all over the place who have said that they had never before heard of a group for families with kids from Guatemala. I KNOW there are quite a few out there - I just don't know where to start looking. If there isn't a list, we need to start one!
Latin American Adoptive Families (Wisconsin)
[url=]Latin American Adoptive Families of Wisconsin, Inc.[/url]
BRAG - Building Relationships Through Adoption from Guatemala.
For families in the Philadelpia, PA and surrounding area. I believe we have close to or over 100 families. We hold events every month.
Friends through Guatemalan adoptions ([url=]Friends Through Guatemalan Adoption[/url]) based in Cincinnati, OH
Ninos de Amor- based in Indianapolis- not sure if they have a website.
There is another group in Batesville, In- but they don't have an offical name or website- about 20 families. I can send the contact person's name to you privately this evening.
Love to you,
In WV ours is called
Guatemala Adoptive Family Assoc. of WV.
You have to join the Yahoo group and we get email updates through that.
Michigan Group on Yahoo is: Families With Children From Guatemala.....
I think it would be great to have a state by state listing... I know many people who have never reached out to an online group.... or to a group of other adoptive parents of any kind...
Personally... I dont know how I would have gotten through our 4 adoptions without all of the support online... I also think it is a great resource as our kids all grow up....
For those in the Central IL area we have a Latin American Heritage group [url=]latinamericanheritage : Latin American Adoption Support Group[/url].
All information about our get togethers are posted on the Yahoo group.
Our Oregon group is on yahoo.
There are so many families that I meet that have no idea...
[url=]oregonguatemalanadoption : OregonGuatemalanAdoption[/url]
There is "Giggles from Guatemala" in the Atlanta area.
Rebecca Liggon is the coordinator. There is an activity about quarterly. No active website that I know of.
There is a group in the NYC area.The web site is
[url=]LAPA - Latin America Parents Association[/url]
Ours is Called GAP-KC--usually a monthly gathering somewhere in the area.
[url=]Guatemala Adoptive Parents of Kansas City[/url]
Deb mentioned it, but Ninos de Amor in Indianapolis has a yahoo group you can join and does have regular get-togethers in the Indy area.
Here's the one in Pittsburgh, PA
[URL=""]Greater Pittsburgh Adoptions from Guatemala[/URL]
In New York-Latin American Parents Association. It is a group of ap's with Latin American born children, as well as familes in process.
[url=]LAPA - Latin America Parents Association[/url]