Babysitter or day care?
What do you think is better? Have a babysitter or your child go to a day care? I have a babysitter but I start to worry about the education that my children receive. :eek: Older child, about 7 years, already goes to school starting this month, but the smaller, 3 years and a half, sitting all day with the babysitter. I think that I take my child to day care even if it will be very hard for him. However, I do not know what to choose: babysitter or day care? Please help me! :p
I would choose a babysitter, if you have someone good that you trust. I worked in a day care years ago, while there were good people that worked there, there were others that were not. I take care of a 14 month old in my home. I have had him a couple of months and his vocabulary has doubled, he is also eating by himself, which he wasn't doing before. I also take care of a 9 year old, he does his homework as soon as he gets home, and then I have a requirement that he reads for atleast 30 mins daily even on the weekends. So if you can find someone that is willing to provide the care that you expect I would go with a babysitter instead of daycare.
Day care for us. I know I sometimes went crazy staying home with DD so surely it could happen with a sitter. With daycare there was always someone there to give the teachers a break. You have to find a great daycare though. For us it took 3 tries. DD really needs a lot stimulation. Her school has 2 1/2 acres of playgrounds and outbuildings (one is a grocery store, science cabin etc). They are always doing fun projects, lots of art, show and tell, reading, and it is Christian so they do bible studies as well.

DD will be 2 1/2 in Nov and already can count to 10, knows her colors and speaks full sentences. The good part is she knows all this from playing games-not from a super structured approach.
If you can find someone that is willing to provide the care that you expect, then prefer babysitter instead of daycare.
I prefer daycare. Anyone at any time can get frustrated or make a bad choice. Add in other kids, and anyone can get really frustrated. I like having other adults around to help difuse any frustrations.
I prefer day care. the peer social interactions, even as young as 3, are worth it
baby sitter is the best option according to me
I chose Day Care for Karate Kid. Lots of teachers and other kids, a curriculum and a posted menu gave me a feeling of security. I had a babysitter growing up and remember hours and hours of One Life To Live and Guiding Light plus having to take a nap whenever the sitter was tired! Not to mention beets - which to this day I still refuse to eat!
I'm a nanny right now,But I would rather do child care because of kids playing together,I think child care has better stucture.Also if u choose a baby sitter,It's hard to pick the right one.I have cousins that has babysitters,that were sexually,mentaly and physical abused.I even remember being abused by a baby sitter.
I would suggest Daycare for sure. I think they need that interaction with other children. And you can depend on a daycare to be there...if your sitter is sick, you are stuck! I have had both and I think that daycare was the best option for my daughter.
i would like to prefer experienced baby sitter which can care better then day care women.
Babysitters may be more affordable. Start your child off on the right foot by selecting a child-care option you can both feel good about. But no one can raise your child the way you can.
If you can get a babysitter or nanny that will do things, that would be my preference. Otherwise, a day care is the better choice (IMHO). the daycares I've used have had an element of schoolwork/learning that benefited the kiddies.
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