Allegheny County - Adoption agencies
Hello folks,

After 9 failed IUI's we are just beginning our journey into the world of researching adoption. The overwhelming information is a bit much - but we are trying to take it in stride. I went out and purchased two books last evening to get as many avenues for information as I can.

There are many questions that come to mind:
In state/out of state Agencies
Domestic/International adoptions
Legal requirements for Pennsylvania
Home study
list is getting longer.... and I'm sure there are questions I haven't even thought about yet.

Does anyone have any insight about AdoptHelp in California?

Are there any agency local to W. PA that you'd refer?

Legal resources?

Cost is by no means the overwhelming decision maker for us, but we want to be smart with agency options. We are open to any nationality and are both looking into possible adoption benefits at work.

Thank you for reading and will very much appreciate any insight/guidance you may deem useful. I will continue to ready all I can here and via other venues. We are so very anxious to get moving with this.

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