Hey all -
I own a small publishing company that specializes in books about adoption, and we have a new title that will be widely available in the spring: _The Forever Friends Club_, by Sue Gainor and Sarah Gibson. Later this month we will be sending out electronic review copies to people interested in serving as "pre"viewers for the book. In exchange for previewing the book in electronic format and giving us a testimonial or posting a review, we'll send reviewers 2 free copies of the book.
_The Forever Friends Club_ is an early reader chapter book that kids 6+up can read by themselves, but the story is entirely suitable for younger kids as well. It's a fantastic little story that puts a unique twist on the "I'm special because I'm adopted" adoption story. It has four main characters: Isabel, adopted from Guatelama, Nick, adopted from Kazakhstan, Madison, adopted domestically, and Sam, who isn't adopted.
If you are interested in being a "pre" viewer, please send an e-mail to Feel free to pass this along - we're looking for 50 or so parent reviewers.
Thanks so much!
Adrienne Bashista
DRT Press
I've moved your thread to the appropriate forum for seeking feedback/reviews from authors.
Good luck!