What do you use after your baby has outgrown the baby tub? OUr daughter is almost 5-1/2 months old, and is really stretching in the baby tub. My nephew had a ring of some sort he sat in the big tub, but that was a while ago. What are the options?
We used one of the awkward ones that attach to the side - awkward yes, but we loved it!! It actually made leaning into the tub easier.... a pain to store though.... I know they make some inflatable ones now too.....
we got a baby tub for my son and for my soon as my son was able to sit up on his own we gave baths in the kitchen sink...and will prob do the same thing for my daughter...
the rings are good to use too i would use it at time with my son but now he can sit in the bathtub and everything....
My daughter got a "transition" tub for Christmas from a friend of mine. It's in the shape of a duck and sits inside the regular bath tub. It's pretty cool!
we loved that duck. i think you can get it at target. it's a blow up thing that fits in the tub. it might even quack :)
we went from infant tub to kitchen sink. We then got a little inflatable tub for the regular tub. After that we did the ring for sitting up in the tub but it wasn't really necessary at that point.
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It's the blue thing that comes with the tub. We used it in the big tub.
Your baby should be ready for your regular tub, with strict supervision of course. Just keep the water very shallow and at a mild temperature.
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By this time, we usually have the baby splashing in about an inch or so of water. We also have the "old" ring and LOVE it! Risk of drowning, as PP stated, is from leaving your child in it. We LOVE the ring for our 10 and 12 month olds.
If you're OK with the nudity, try bathing with your child. Sit in the tub, and have your child sit in it, either facing you or facing away from you. It really makes bathing easier, and it's good for bonding. Obviously, there's a risk that your dear child will decide to use the tub as a toilet, but I bathed with my daughter when she went through a stage of hating baths and shampoos, and it helped her get over the negative feelings -- and, no, she never provided any unpleasant surprises.
With both our kids, once they could sit fairly well, I put the grips/non-slip things on the bottom of hte tub. I never leave them only and never had any problem or fear for them. in fact in our old house we had a huge walk in custom shower and I would just sit our daugther on the floor of the shower. Her and I got clean together and until we moved she rarely took baths.