I wondered if anyone had experience with requesting a child with correctable special needs. We're trying to research the different types of special needs this covers and their lasting effects. If you have adopted a child with correctable special needs or if you have any info, please share.
We are asking for minor/correctable SN from Korea.
With our first adoption we didn't request SN, but found our DS featured on our agency's website (he was a 'waiting child') for a minor/correctable SN (he was in Guatemala and the system was much different). He had a hydrocele, which in layman's term could be called a swollen testicle. :cool: We looked it up on the internet and found out it is a typically harmless condition that resolves by itself by age 2.
The rest is history! We requested to be matched with him. He's home--happy and healthy with no hydrocele.
My brother has/had a club foot so that is another one we are familiar with. He had corrective surgery and has few lasting effects. He can't be on his feet all day (will never be able to be a laborer) but played sports in school, walks normally, was even a Big 10 college athlete for 2 years (shotput).
I also have a friend with a heart murmur. Does not affect her at all.
I have had friends who have had (bio) premature babies. That one is a little tricky for me b/c most of them are well, but I do know of one that has a great deal of difficulties.
Take some time and do some googling. :)