My husband and I live in California, and we are very anxious to adopt, but with the money my husband makes, we are technically considered low-income. We do not use any kind of state benefits, we pay our bills on time, and have enough money left over to take care of a child without issues. Do you think we would qualify to be adoptive parents because of this? I am trying to get started on this quickly. I will be 21 in May, which means that I am finally old enough to adopt, and my husband is 35, so according to what I have seen for age of adoptive parents, we only have about 5 years to do this. Any ideas on agencies that would look at our situation and go off of that? Or do we even have a chance?
I am by no means an expert here, but you might want to look into a public agency. I am not familiar with California laws, but my husband and I aren't exactly wealthy either and we're going through a public agency. We started out foster-to-adopt and after several foster placements which ended with all the children going back to their bparents, we opted to go through their very small infant adoption program. Our agency fee is minimal compared to other agency fees we researched and that's only once the birthmom signs termination and the baby is placed with us. We then have to use our own attorney to finalize, but even that cost is minimal. Basically, we're looking at under $10K for everything. Also, because we went through their fostering program, we did not have to pay for our homestudy, which can be another costly factor. Good luck!