We are interested in adopting from Panama and would like more information from people in the process. Any information would be appreciated.
We are interested in time frame, requirements, and agency information if you can share.
PM me with agency info.
Adopting from Panama is very difficult. I have a close friend who has been trying to adopt a baby girl from an orphanage in Panama for over 3 years. The little girl has just turned 5 and the case is still bouncing around in the Panamanian courts (there are two court systems that you have to deal with in Panama adoptions -- the family court & the regular court). My friend and her husband have spent the last 3 years flying back & forth to Panama to visit with the little girl they consider their daughter (the little girl calls them Mommy & Daddy at this point). I would be very cautious if I were you because my friend's case does not seem to be an isolated incident -- there have been very few successful IAs from Panama.