finding someone to adopt out my baby
i am just over 6 mts pregnant and i was wondering how i would go abt finding some1 to adopt my baby?

i live in utah and there are a lot of places to call but i dont know witch one is best

i also dont want to give her to mormons and ever1 here seems to only have mormon people

do i have to talk to them or can i call any1?

You do not have to talk to the Mormons. If you have researched this decision well, you can go to an attorney if you wish or another agency. There are people on here that can help you with appropriate resources. I believe Brandi is very helpful with people that can help you look at all of your options.
Not everyone in Utah is Mormon. You will be able to look through profiles and choose any family/religion you feel comfortable with or you can even choose to place your child in another state.
Adoption agencies are supposed to go by your wishes. You get to pick the family by looking over profiles and pictures,etc. You have the preference whether you place your baby locally or farther away. Its up to you. There are also many lawyers that deal with adoptions. They take care of the work and theres not a lot of stress involved. If you still dont feel comfortable with going locally, you could contact an agency or lawyer out of state. Any other questions, just let me know. I hope I helped. Good luck!!!!!
Our DS's birthmom found us online as she did not want to work with any local agencies. That is an option as well. There places that post only home-study approved potential parents online. You can work with an agency or look at profiles on your own.

However you should be aware that much needed adoption counseling is not automatically available when doing a private adoption and should be something you specifically ask for if you were to explore that avenue.

PM me if you want more info about the website our sons first mom found us on. I don't think I am allowed to post names here. you can search for potential aparents by geographical region, religion, etc...
i no not everyone in utah is mormon, i am not mormon

one place i called 2day wanted me to come live there and i dont want to move

how do you find some1 where i dont have 2 leave my family an friends

i just want this 2 be over
Hey. There is a website I found:[url][/url]. There is a phone #. Maybe someone there can help you. I know some lawyers that have dealt with adoption but I dont know if your wanting a lawyer. Hopefully this helps!!!!!
There is a website:[url=]Birth Mother[/url]. Maybe they can help you find an agency.
Hey girl!! I saw your post and my husband and I are looking to adopt and would love to talk with you about your decision. We also have a large group of connections if we aren't the right family for you and would be happy to help. Please email me

I would not want to move away from my family and friends either. If you're sure you want to adopt here are many different agecies that you can go through that won't make you move. They do not have to be in your state specifically. A good one is Bethany Christian Services. If you are not wanting to go through an agency you can look online at many different sites where families are seeking to adopt. CafeMom is a good one or Lifetime Adoption Center.
My husband and I are looking to adopt privately. We are looking for a private adoption mainly because we would like to have the birth mom's opinion heard by us directly rather than going through an agency. We have a family site you can visit if you'd like
[url=]Eric and Ashlette Lopez - Home[/url]
Whether we seem like a good fit for what you are looking for in your child's adoptive parents or not you can email me if you have questions. I'd love to help in anyway I can. Even if you just want to chat.
Wishing you luck,
Please remember that we are not a matching site, we do not allow people to solicit children or offer agency suggestions on here.

Melodeanne is not asking anyone here to adopt her child, she is asking for resources and suggestions.

Please refer to our forum rules once again if you are unfamiliar with them.

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Go to a lawyer and they will handle everything for you. You don't have to move.
I'm a reunited Birthmom - in a good reunion with my 28 year old birthdaughter. 1st, please understand that there is no such thing as a 'perfect' family. 2nd Unless your baby's life is in are the pregnancy - you break that bond when the infant if handed over to strangers - the child suffers. While this sounds dramatic - it's the truth. Adoption is not a 'fix'. You don't 'get on' with your life after you sign your rights away. And most importantly - neither does your child. Think about it.
I'm getting tired of explaining our rules over and over again.

So let me just cover it in a blanket umbrella catch all statement here.

UNLESS you have resources or support to offer based on what the OP is actually asking for..........


I will ban the next person who breaks this rule on this thread.

Getting sick and tired of people preying on women trying to make what is likely the most important decisions they'll ever make. That goes for people who prey on them for the child and people who prey on them emotionally in the opposite direction.
We were not happy with the adoption agencies in our state when we were looking to adopt. We went with an agency in the next state over. If you are not finding an agency you are comfortable with in Utah could you research agencies in neighboring states? Do they have private adoption lawyers in Utah who could match you with hopeful adoptive couples? Have you researched adoption facilitators? I don't know anything about adoption in Utah. I'm just brainstorming ideas that you might try. I hope you find someone to work with you. You should not have to move away from your family and friends. I will send hugs and prayers your way.
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