Adoption & Foster Support Group in North Fort Worth, TX
CompassionWorks of Fellowship of the Parks -First Monday Adoption Foster Support group is a community of people that are connected by the common bonds of adoption and foster care.

We are couples who have traveled the road of infertility; we are couples and singles alike who have felt Gods call to adopt or foster; we are families with children who look like their parents and families with children who do not; we are families whose members represent birth countries and cultures from five continents; we are families whose members speak different languages; we are those who are waiting to adopt or foster and those whose wait has just recently come to an end; we are adoptive families and foster families Җ and the list goes on. In the end, we are families just the same, and we believe that God is doing something truly remarkable among us as He forms families and transforms lives through the miracle of adoption and foster care.

We invite you to join us Monday April 5th, 6:30-8pm at Fellowship of the Parks in Keller for First Monday Adoption/Foster Support group. It is a relaxed environment where you can get connected, find encouragement and obtain quality, objective information and resources.

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Thanks for posting! Texas is a huge state, you would think there would be more support groups. But a google search hasn't turned up much. At least not in the mid-cities area between Dallas/Fort Worth.
Irving has a group called Tapestry, but I think that is the only other group in the area. This is exactly why my husband and I started this group in North Fort Worth. We are in the process of our second adoption and we still have questions and need support.
Our first adoption journey included a failed placement and we had no where to go for support, no one was really able to understand what we were going through. The comments that some of our friends and family would make just make everything worse, even though they were just trying to comfort us.
I was desperate for a support group where our pain would be understood.
Since we have started this support group we have been able to support several couples who have experienced failed placements. We have been able to answer alot of questions about the adoption process and share our journeys.
I agree there should be more support groups!!
Does this group meet regularly? We are very close by and have been searching for other adoptive families. We have a transracial family through adoption and really want our 2 boys to be exposed to other families that look similar to our own. Their ages are 3 and almost 2. Thanks for your help.
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