My sister was born April 17th 1971 or possibly 1970.
She was born at Providence Hospital in Southfield Michigan.
Her birth mother's name is Janice Medlock. Janice was forced to give her child up after be forced to stay in Marillac Hall until she gave birth.
There are some serious health issues that my sister needs to be informed about.
To you my dear sister...where oh where could you be??? My heart aches not knowing your fate.
A little history... I found about you when I was 10 and boy at that time I sure needed a friend. I have had this hole in my heart ever since that day.
I am sure you grew up happy with a wonderful family. I do not want to destroy that in any way. Nevertheless, this sister of yours needs to connect with you. We didn't have a choice back then but we do now. Lets talk!
Have you contacted the State's registry? Do you have any non-identifying information yet?
State Information
[url=]Michigan Search Resources[/url]
She may have already registered with the State’s registry, as well.
I have been looking for my birthfamily. I was born on June 17 1970 in Southfield, MI. My birth certificate says Oakland County General Hospital, but I do believe that it was renamed Providence in the 80s.