My name is Bill. I was in my mid-teens when our baby girl was born. Circumstances forced the adoption. Her birth mother and myself have remained in contact through the years and we have recently decided to more actively search for her.
She was born in Havre de Grace Maryland on or around January 26 1987 to a Delaware couple. If you are reading this baby girl please reply here or PM me. Your birth mother and myself would LOVE to know you.
I have a special spot in my heart for biological father's who come here in search of their relinquished child - perhaps because my biological father was, as indicated on my non-identifying info, never informed of my biological mother's pregnancy. So first of all - best of luck in your search.
Check out [url=]Maryland Adoption Records[/url]. This has excellent information regarding all aspects of reunion. Your first step should be registering with the MD mutual consent registry...more info is on the aforementioned webpage but here is contact information:
All services are coordinated through The Department of Human Resources
For more information contact:
Department of Human Resources
Social Services Administration
Mutual Consent Registry and Adoption Search Services
311 West Saratoga Street
Baltimore, Maryland 21201
1-800-39 ADOPT
I would also blanket the social media outlets like Twitter and Facebook, especially because a 23 year old girl is likely to be on those sites. You can search for her birthdate or even post that you are searching for her on your profile - search engines do pick up this info and index it so if your biological daughter happened to search for her DOB on Google, for example, your Facebook or Twitter profile could come up and she would be able to easily locate your page.
Good luck ~
I'm Melissa, Bill explained our situation. I just wanted to add how he and I are looking forward to finding and meeting you. Please know your father and I love you!
Thank You Nicole28. We have recieved the application from MD DHR and are in the process of filling it out now.
Had not thought about facebook or those. thank you.
We have a little update. After a trip to the hospital records department her birth date is 1-28-1987 not 1-26-1987 as we had previously thought. Our applications have been sent to the MD DHR Mutual Consent Regristry.
Well after almost a year and a half Ms Smith at the MD DHR came through for us. We have had a 2 hour phone conversation with our daughter. That set up a meeting for lunch with her and her fiance. It went VERY well. We are incredibly excited to get to know her in whatever capacity she is comfortable with.
Wow - I am so happy for all of you. I hope you all find the right way to get to know each other.
Thanks for looking for your daughter.
Kind regards,