Russian Adoptions Halted
Russia has 'frozen' all US Adoptions, including those 'in the pipeline', until the US and RU can come to an agreement. The US is sending a 'team' from the State Department to RU today. Mentioned was the Hague Treaty and potential changes to it. RU does recognize there are thousands of positive, no problem, happy families through adoptions. Stated there were 1600 adoptions last year alone. Also mentioned was the number of adoptions that end badly.

This is sad news and my heart breaks for all those in waiting.

Your agency should have the latest news about your process. Also the state Dept website may have updates that can help in your wait time.
Please please tell me its not true- I just saw on CNN that Russia/US adoptions have been suspended. It was just one of those quick statements that flash at the bottom of the screen and I have not heard anything more. No matter what your opinion is on this situation - the bottom line is - its the children who suffer the most and the actions of one should NOT prevent other children from finding forever families. Thoughts and prayers are with those in the process with Russia - hopefully this will get resolved quickly. I am not in process but was when Guatemala shutdown so if you need anything let me know - I've already signed the JCICS petition. I'm happy to help in any way that I can just say the word. Again-praying for you and the children - I am so angry about this situation.

Yes, unfortunately, it is true and very, very sad.

Maybe you can post what you did to pass the time, keeping the faith and staying positive when your adoption was 'on hold' due to country 'shut-down'.
I too was also in process with Guatemala when it was shut down. We were able to bring our daughter home 7 months after the program was shut down. I had many dark, gloomy days but I never gave up. Please all of you who are in process, keep strong and never give up the fight to bring your children home.
Yes.... it's true. B U T..... The US is sending a delegation next week to discuss this with the Russian authorities and to come to some sort of agreement to re-open the adoption process. There is a ton of HOPE that this will not go on forever. Though it may take some time depending on the requirements/restrictions and what will be needed in addition for the agencies and the PAPs! Prayers being sent that a resolution will be found quickly.

My personal opinion: If this woman from TN is fully investigated (which I cannot believe that it has only been minimal thus far) and the US delegation has some news for the Russian authorities, this may help the timeframe.
So sad for sure, my heart breaks for the children and families waiting.
I hope the US and Russia can come to an agreement quickly.
I'm so very sad for the children and families caught in this hold period. I pray that it will be brief. I also hope that it is productive, and results in a less constantly-worried-that-something-will-change-or-cause-problems process than it has been of late.

To any of you caught in this wait, hang in there! This stoppage is not just reactionary with no end in sight. Hopefully the meetings taking place next week will help get things back on track - and hopefully whatever next steps that come out of the meeting are implemented quickly.

Whatever steps are taken, IMHO, the authorities involved need to realize that adding more upfront "screening" for PAPs is not the answer. Both sides need to acknowledge that some of the children will need help beyond the parents' own capabilities, and there needs to be assistance and services available to parents post-adoption when/if they need it. And of course, agencies need to better prepare PAPs for any and all possible issues their children may face.

Yesterday, the Diane Rehm show on NPR focused on international adoption - specifically the challenges of international adoption, a discussion sparked by the recent issue with the TN woman. Also interviewed was the Washington bureau chief from the Russian news agency. Very interesting.

Thomas DiFilipo president and C.E.O. of Joint Council on International Children's Services

Janice Goldwater founder and Executive Director of the non-profit organization Adoptions Together. Since 1990 the agency has been settling children in permanent, loving families and providing a full spectrum of supportive services to keep families strong. She is began her career as a social worker as a marriage and family therapist before moving into child welfare in 1984.

Jane Aronson pediatrician who specializes in adoption medicine and orphaned children. She is also the founder and C.E.O. of Worldwide Orphans Foundation (WWO). WWO is an international organization dedicated to transforming the lives of orphaned children worldwide by addressing their unique needs through medical, developmental, psychosocial and educational programs.

[url=]Audio Player | The Diane Rehm Show from WAMU and NPR[/url]
When we brought our daughter home 5 years ago, there was a hold on adoptions for about 1 month during our process. For those of you waiting, I'm very sorry and I am sure the suspension will end and things will be back on track.
WSJ article on this from this morning.

[url=]Russia Suspends All Adoptions to U.S. -[/url]
Offering support
I've just popped over from the Guatemala boards to say how terribly sorry I am that those of you waiting to bring your children home from Russia will be so adversely affected by the actions of this one woman in TN. Having been caught up in last big upheaval in the Guatemala adoption system, I know how frightening and frustrating it can be to have to wonder if or when you will ever be able to bring your child home. International adoption is such a tough experience to cope with even at the best of times, so when new road blocks are thrown in there it can truly overwhelming. For all of you in process worrying and waiting, hang in there and know that there are others praying for you and your children. May the delegation that is going to Russia be able to bring about a quick resolution for this newest road block.

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Just maybe, if the right people are on the team, the folks in charge in Russia will see that kids in institutions need alot of help. Maybe now they'll get it. Just keeping hope alive!!
[FONT=Comic Sans MS]This is NOT offical, per the reliable Russian sources at other sites. It very well may be at some point, very soon, but as of right now, it is not offical. [/FONT]
The Moscow Times has a large article on line stating that the "Halt" is in effect right now. I too pray that both sides (US and Russia) find a solution quickly.

I remember that when I was in court (in Moscow) the judge made a statement to me via the interpreter, that basically said..... once you take "fostership" his words, that this child is your responsiblity and can not be given back. I was appauld at this statement, but then was told of a husband and wife, that had adopted sisters. They where still in Moscow during their time of processing the children out of the country, and they decided that they no longer wanted the girls! So they took them back to the orphanage and left the country, even though they had already adopted them and where only a few days from coming back to the US!

What is in people's head!!!

I don't know what the solution is. PAPs have GOT TO BE EDUCATED on ALL of the possibitlites that come with parenting a child that has been in the 'system'. We don't always have all of the information about thier years prior to adoption (and sometimes the officials do not either).

My family where concerned when I told them that I was going to adopt. They where concerned not only because I am a single woman doing this, but of all the potential problems/issues. Would I be able to handle them? etc.

I did sooooo much research on my OWN. Almost 6 years ago, there was hardly any requirements for PAP education. Now there is some, but PAPs have to continue to research more on their own.

ALL children will have issues (some small and some BIG). PAPs have to truly look deep inside themselves and make sure that they are willing to deal with anything that comes their way. It is truly not for everyone, but the PAPs that are prepared, it will be your hardest but most wonderful journey of the ♥!!!

Praying that a resolution comes quickly for everyone waiting.....
[FONT=Comic Sans MS]I just read two Russian translated to English articles at frua that still do not confirm this freeze. They do talk about the meeting on April 20th between Russia and the US and what they want to happen...but still nothing offical. Here's to hope![/FONT]
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