Just wanting to update as I havent been on in a long time....received my bsons adoptin records and I had him located within 24 hrs...found him through facebook...have meet him and his family( wife ..son and daughter)..still in contact and soo great he only live approx. 2 hrs from me. he doing very well and very healthy
Hoping the same outcome for all still searching
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Dear Quinte:
I haven't been on here in almost 4 years as my husband decided then that he would give up his search. Just this past December he decided he wanted to apply for his Mom's identifying information. We recieved it on a Monday and he met her the following Saturday. It was all we could have hoped for and more. I'm so glad that you have also found your son. My husbands birth Mom is like you only 2 hours from us!!
You must truly be in a wonderful place.
The best to you and your newly found family!! xo