Hi, I am 34 and found out a few years ago that I have a brother who was put up for adoption. I only found out from my other brother who told me our mother who drinks blurted it out one night - she has no memory of telling him.
My father and Aunt have confirmed this to be true but no one will give me the right information.
I am told he is a few years older than me, about three or four years older. The adoption took place in Leicestershire UK and that he lives in New Zealand.
My mothers maiden name is Martin, she was married to someone before my dad but I am told he is not his son but my mother may have used this as a surname which would be Frith.
I really would like to find him.
Have you checked/registered with the UK government? I don't have a link to offer you but they did open the records. If you can't find a link perhaps someone on the board will have one for you.
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In the Uk you cannot "look" for someone who was adopted. You have to wait for them to find you! Make yourself visible, don't change your surname to something they won't be looking for. (I helped my man find his bmum who was using HER mothers maiden name! Not terribly helpful.) register on sites like this where they can find you if they are looking. You can register with NORCAP so that if your brother looks for you then your details will be there for him to find. And if you find each other TAKE IT SLOWLY.
I know this was posted a while ago but you can legally search for your brother as the law changed on the 30th Dec 2005. Do you know if the adoption went through an adoption agency or social services?
If your mum tells you that will be a start. Social services can help though and point you in the right direction. You can go through [url=]Welcome - Adults Affected by Adoption - Norcap[/url] but they will charge you membership or you can approach [url=]After Adoption Home Page[/url] but I don't know if they charge.
Good luck!