This is a repost in the Oklahoma Thread!
My husband and I have just turned in all of our paperwork, and have had 1 Homstudy visit and have scheduled the other two one each week for the next two weeks. We have taken half of our classes and only have 2 more Saturday's left.
We are wanting to adopt through foster care in Oklahoma, has anyone had any experience dealing with DHS in Oklahoma?
I was wondering if we needed to have the room totally set up? I have a crib and I am going to get a toddler bed. We are looking to adopt 0-3 or even a sibling group of 2. What do I need to have on hand? Clothes, diapers, food, etc? or can I wait until I get a call? Will I have time to make a Wal-mart run?
I am new to this, so I have a ton of questions?
Thank you for responding.
This is really old so I assume you've figured it out. You do have to have a room available but not ready since you don't know exact gender or age. When it comes to adoption you'll have a disclosure meeting with DHS to confirm you want to move forward with meeting the child and then you'll actually meet the child. Then you set up there first visit. So you'll have a week or so to get things ready before that child actually comes to visit.