Why Poland?
I'm a dual citizen of Poland and the US, living in the US with DH. We are considering adopting from Poland, and I'd like to hear why all of you either have adopted from Poland or are considering it.

Is it bc you have Polish ancestry? Some experience with the country or language? Or some other factor such as cost or wait time as compared to other countries?

Thanks! Just curious :popcorn:
Why Poland?
Mr Perfect is a 100% Polish native and still fluent. Originally we were looking at Russia, then I started wondering if Poland went international - adoptively speaking. Once we learned that they did we knew that was where we were going.

It is so hard when you come home with your jet lagged, strung out, over excited, and still very disobedient children, I can't imagine not being able to communicate with them. I was on the phone 5 times a day with Mr Perfect on speaker interpreting for us. But to be in the trenches with no language? AAAHHHH!!! I mean - I know people do it and it works out - but wow - if you're fluent, it would make things that much easier on you and the child/ren.

Also, just functioning in country - yes you have a driver and an interpreter, but they aren't with you 24/7, rather, a few times a week for various appointments. Having Mr Perfect know how to get around was such a blessing. And in court, it made the judge and jurors happy to hear his testimonies in Polish and know that the children would keep their language, etc.

Cost and wait had nothing to do with it. Costs are all expensive and the wait can't ever really be guaranteed - it's all a shot in the dark, really.
I'm surprised only one person has responded to this question! Come on, folks! You gotta have a reason!
Why Poland?
I have Polish ancestery, that is a big reason we are deciding on adopting from Poland. Also, the orphans receive good care in their orphanges.

First and foremost.........we prayed about it and have no doubt that Poland is the right country for us to adopt from!
Lots and lots of research and lots and lots of prayer led us to the Polish program. We have no regrets.
For us it was my ancestry (my parents and the entire family is from Poland). The language - my parents spoke Polish at home, so I understood quite a bit of it. Culture - being raised by Polish parents I'm culturally closer to the Polish culture than the American culture.

Then there were all the stories of successful adoptions from Poland that impressed me so much that I was convinced this is the country I would feel most comfortable with.
For us it was that our son was there. It's a very long story, but a charity in Poland was trying to find this special needs child a home. A series of events brought his picture and description to me and I knew at once he was meant to be my son.
Alright! Thanks for the responses. Interestingly, even though I was born in Poland, we did not initially gravitate there with our adoption plans. But now I'm excited about the possibility of adopting an older child from Poland, one who already speaks Polish, one with whom we can later swap immigration stories (DH also immigrated to the US as a child, though from El Salvador).
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