I am a white female adoptee born April 26, 1991 at Duncan Memorial Hospital in Fort Worth, TX and then adopted from Gladney Center in Fort Worth, TX on May 2, 1991.
My birth mother was 15 and her name is Johnnie (I assume she was born in 1976).
She had an older sister who was married at the time of my birth/adoption.
She got married to a man named Eli in November of 1992.
Then she had my half sister Ivey in 1993 (I believe she was born in either June or May).
My birth mother graduated from Nursing School on December 11, 1999.
My biological grandfather (birthmom's dad) died at age 25 from an auto accident with his father on their way to California (I believe it was in either 1976 or 1977).
My birth mothers husband (not sure if still current) was in the Army at one time (may still be?) but also had 2 years in college to learn Welding.
She wrote to me for many years when I was a child asking me to find her when I was of age.
I do not know what state she grew up in or the month of her birthday, nor do I know where she may live now.
She knows my name is Megan.
I've registered myself in many paid and non-paid registries and I'm now to the point where I feel I need a search angel to help me find her.
I am planning on applying to nursing school Fall 2012 and would really love to meet her before then since she went through the process (and I also want to thank her for giving me this chance!!!)
Please contact me if you think you can really help me make more progress towards finding my birthmom---
Please email me at: