I cannot figure out how to give positive announce on postcard to my family about my newborn adopt son coming on Aug 28, 2010.
can anyone give me example or how do you tell them in a very warm way
I really like the announcements at mandysmoon - simple, clear
[url=] Announcements[/url]
She's here at last!
please share the joy and happiness
as we announce the adoption of
Born xx/xx/xx
Welcomed home forever
on xx/xx/xx
if you're looking for a little saying, slogan, classy announcements has a ton, half way down this page
[url=]Wording Ideas for Your Photo Birth or Adoption Announcement[/url]
oh, and congratulations!!!
How about just:
He's here at last.
Our son .... was born on .... at .....
If they don't know you well enough to know it's adoption, then maybe it isn't their business.
We adopted a 9-month-old and didn't have any really adoption related language in the announcement just. "Let's celebrate! We are bringing home our son, named.... He is 9-months-old, handsome and smart." Let them figure it out. As far as I know they all did.
I used Shutterfly, because I wanted a picture announcement. I just put:
First, Middle, Last names
Born: xx/xx/xxxx
x lbs, x oz, x inches
Home to Mommy xx/xx/xxxx
Love, Ruth