COLLINS - Adopted baby girl - Toronto, ON
Looking for any info on a baby girl COLLINS who was born January 04, 1952 at Mount Sinai Hospital in Toronto, Ontario, given up for adoption right away - within mere days - through a Dr. HUROWITZ.
The adoption was handled by a lawyer named Albert GURLAND.
The adopted girl (now woman) says she when she eventually sought her information and birth parents, she was given some basic family medical history but allowed no further info.
She says somehow she heard that her father was Jewish but her birth mother was not. She now practices the Jewish faith - the faith of her adoptive parents - is married with children of her own, and is still looking for her birth information.
Anyone who may have information on such a child who fits the information provided above, please contact me at...
[url=]Contact form for James C. 'Jim' Lynch[/url]
with the Subject line "Baby girl COLLINS".
Thank you in advance for your time...
Jim Lynch
Ontario has changed the laws and she can fill out a form and provided no veto has been file obtain her file and original birth certificate.
Kind regards,
Hi, Dickons...
That sounds like great news...
Do you know the name or identity of the form, and where she can put her hands on it?
Thanks much in advance...