Power wheels for a 3 year old??!!
Does anyone have suggestions on a power wheels car or jeep for a almost 3 year old? I have been looking, but it seems like they are either too big or do not drive in the grass!! Just wondering if anyone has one and does it work well in the grass! Thank you!
My DD has the "jeep" and a neighbor has the John Deer Gator"... they ride these EVERY night they are outside playing. My DD has been driving hers since she was 3 and the 3 yr old neigbor in the pic can drive both ( he is driving her jeep in this pic). BTW -- they both drive in the grass great!
We've had ours since DS was 3--both kids LOVE it and DD has been driving it since she was just over 2 years old. They drive and steer better if you take out the speed restriction and allow it to go the highest speed (3 mph?). Ours is only driven on grass and through some mud puddles. Smile Both kids have a hard time steering when it is restricted. It has been a great investement--good luck!
DS loves his - he got his from Santa right before he turned 4!

Google "traction bands" - they are some large rubber bands that you can get that help slow down wear of the tires when they drive on the pavement. And ours works great on the grass as well!

We have a Mustang Power Wheels. Eddie has been driving it since he was 21/2 and Naldo since he was 2. We actually just replaced the tires on the Mustang because of the wear and tear. We also purchased an extra battery so one is always ready to go. My youngest is much shorter than Eddie was at 2-3, and he has a hard time reaching the pedals, but he figured out how to do it on his own. Ours will drive on the driveway as well as the grass. It has been a great toy for our little guys and we hear all the time from our older ones about how they were ripped off when they were little because they didn't have a Power Wheels.
mom to Bobby 13, Bridget 11, Angela 10, Eddie 5 (home 2005) and Naldo 3 (home Feb. 2008)
Thanks you guys! We bought a quad!!!! She loves it!
Just FYI ... TRU carries a charger w/ a indicator light for charging battery to let you know when fully charged / needs charging and bad battery. This has definitely helped the life of our battery! I recommend it!
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