Hi--I have a friend who is 65 and thinking of retiring next year. She is very physically fit and works a demanding physical job. No health concerns. Has plenty of income. A nice tree bedroom house. But is thinking of becoming a foster parent because plain retirement sounds boring. Is there any upper age limit or restrictions? And does anyone have advice about if she should consider older kids, younger kids, doesn't matter? Open to advice-suggestions. Thanks in advance.
I don't think she is too old. If she is a compassionate person who wants to help children then she should go for it.
there are a number of more mature foster parents that i work with. they do a great job. tell your friend to come on! it is not about your age--it's about your calling.
Their is one foster parent through my agency that has been fostering over 40 years Shes nearing seventy has a huge amount of adopted kids ( she has a soft spot for the older kids so shes been able to adopt quite a few) Her youngest is just about to enter high school and she still fosters ! Even littles !!
Tell you friend go for it but to be mindful of her limits Im betting they would be less likely to give a second placement to someone whos older and disrupted figuring they were just too old ageism sucks but is true
Wow--great. I can't wait to tell her. She has raised a son who was mildly retarded and he only moved out a year ago so she's a recent "empty nester." She was thinking of downsizing to an apartment but she has a cool house with Koi pond, an inground pool and the extra bedrooms. It would be a great home for some special kids! And I get to help decorate. We are thrilled. This forum is really great, too. I've learned a lot by reading lately--though it's kind of addictive!
And if shes interested in older special needs kids she have tons of kids she'll be turning them away. They are always looking for people that specifically looking for the hard to place kids
No restrictions as long as she's in sufficient health to parent. I think it's an awesome retirement idea!
She'll probably have to take precautions with the pond and the locked gates, etc..., but her age won't be a big deal.
Yes, I know the pool has to be more secure and some kind of special life jackets used. The Koi pond I don't know about. It's raised up--not suken into the ground. I imagine they will tell her about it at the home study?
Good for your friend :clap: . Tell her to go for it!!
I was almost 50 when I began fostering. My 4 kids were grown and gone and the house was empty feeling. My first placement were a brother/sister ages 2-1/2 yrs and 12 mo. Two years later I adopted them :woohoo: !!!!! I have grandchildren older than my adopted children and they all are very close--almost like cousins.
A couple of years ago I read a story (I think it was in Guideposts magazine) about an 80 yr old woman who took care of infant foster children.
My girls FFM was 65 and her husband 70. I think the only thing I see "wrong" with it, is if she doesn't plan to adopt. There are plenty of respite and short term foster opportunities though.