We are looking to adopt aged outs / ex-foster kids!
My wife and I both work and need to as it is not a
good time to sell our real estate.
If he is 18 years or more we do not need to be at home
all day.
We hope to adopt younger foster kids later.
It would be great if some one could start a site where families and aged outs / ex-foster
kids could put up profiles.
Dr. Wes Crenshaw just e-mailed me saying he is thinking
about how to do this.
I e-mail Dr. Wes Crenshaw after reading an article.
Just google the title below in " marks.
"Ex-foster kid feels lost without adult support"
I know many ex-foster kids are not looking for
families but that may be because they do not have a good
site to put up a profile.
If kids are in the foster care system they often
have profile and photos etc but the second they
age out they are gone.
Just think about the following.
(note that M and I are doing all the paper
work to adopt through the foster care system but it will
take about four month more)
But think about the following.
People (my wife and I included) are happy
to go through a criminal background check
but many of us do not like to have the state
or county come in our home!!
Just because we cannot have kids we have the
state come in our home to see if we are good enough
to have kids!!
Any guy out there can have kids without the state
checking on them but my wife and I who are hard working
go to work on time and are clean need the state to come
in our home and ask us a lot of questions.
Yes I know the state has it's reasons.
I do want to make some points and I thought I needed to
set the stage.
The points:
Point #1
Adult adoptions are very easy with very little
paper work. Just google state by state Adult adoptions law.
Point #2
I think many more people would adopt if you (ex-foster kid)
or your agent could do a criminal background check
on the family looking to adopt you. With Adult adoptions
it is up to you (the person being adopted) to decide how
much or little to look at the family adopting you.
Point #3
We need a site where ex-foster kids can put up a profile
as well as couple's profiles looking to adopt. Hey you may
be looking for a better mom and dad than we can be. lol
I hope we can have some humor about this.:)
If you want to help build this web site or
you have info that could us let us know.
Your thoughts please!!
Post or send private message.