Pacific Island Adoptions
My husband and I are interested in adopting from Samoa or another polynesian country. We know that there was an adoption scandal their a few years back and also that most adoptions in polynesia are done within families. We would really like to adopt a polynesian child if possible. We have found a lawyer in Samoa that can help us complete an adoption however we are having difficulty in locating a child to adopt. If anyone has any information or knows someone who can help us locate a child please let me know.
Thanks Jessica
I adopted a Marshallese child. I PM-ed you.
Marshall Islands Adoption
Hello, I would love information on an agency that works in the Marshall Islands. Thank you.
Remember that there is a difference between Samoa, a foreign country, and American Samoa, which is a U.S. territory.

If you are talking about adoption from Samoa, the foreign country, the best place to get authoritative information is the website of the U.S. State Department at [url=]Country Specific Information[/url]. My understanding is that the federal adoption authority in Samoa matches you with a suitable child, once you have gone through the process of applying to adopt, so you should not try to find one on your own, unless you are the relative of a Samoan child in need of adoption. Also, be very careful in choosing either an agency or an attorney to help with your adoption. Be sure that the agency or attorney is registered with the Samoan government, is highly experienced, and has high standards of ethics.

If you are seeking to adopt from American Samoa, a good place to get information is [url=]State Statutes Search[/url]. Remember that the adoption will be similar to a domestic adoption.
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