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Lopez and Lopez, Attorneys at Law, Presents: Adopting Privately From MexicoӔ
Our Law practice is exclusively devoted to Adoptions in Mexico. We have handled over 250 adoptions for Couples of New York area, during the past 20 years. Because of our commitment to pre-natal care, children adopted through our practice are normally in perfect health, and usually substantially healthier than children who are placed through orphanages in Eastern Europe, Asia or Guatemala. Each adoption must pass the most stringent ethical, moral and legal tests. We work toward protecting the rights of the baby, birthmother and adoptive parents during the adoption process. We seek success in every case by ensuring that all parties are fully informed of their rights. Throughout the adoption process, each of the parties needs for confidentiality and their privacy must be respected. You benefit directly from our years of advertising, and assist you through out the process. In order to fully comply with U.S. Immigration Law; in Mexico we only accept to work with single birthmothers that are incapable to provide for the childs support, according to their local standards. In 100% of the adoptions we handle, the birthmother calls us for a consultation. We then interview the birthmother, provide all procedural information about the adoption process and gather her historical data. Most families decide on adopting from Mexico after careful consideration of all their alternatives. We believe that our fees are highly competitive with all other alternatives. We are also much closer to the United States than most other countries and have an outstanding track record in delivering healthy children. Many of the couples we have assisted through the adoption process have come to us when they were ready to adopt again. We are delighted and proud that so many happy families have come together with our assistance. Let Us Hear From You Sufficient alternatives exist that few people who really want to be parents are precluded from an adoption. Don't let fear and lack of information limit or inhibit you. You have nothing to lose by asking questions. We can help. Contact us for a free consultation. Carlos Lopez, International Adoptions Coordinator Lopez & Lopez Asocs.Av. Eulogio Parra #2934-2 Colonia Providencia Guadalajara, Jalisco, C.P. 44630 M e x i c o Phone and Fax No from the US: 011-523-642-2585 e-mail:
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On a recent trip to Puerta Vallarta my husband and I visited a local orphanage. The childrens ages were 3 to 15 years old. The conditions were awful, we'd like to help but are having problems finding out who owns the orphanage.(it's privately owned, not run by the government) Any suggestions? We already have gathered lots of books writting tablets, recreational toys ect. because they litterally had nothing.
The seniora does not speak Eglish so communication has been difficult. We have been told that if we send it directly to the orphanage the kids will probably never see it. HELP PLEASE