Elf on the Shelf
Last year I noticed that SpecialK had one of these, on her blog post. I had no idea really what it was. This year, another friend told me that she had just ordered one for her daughter, who's 4. It's supposed to sit on a shelf and doesn't move unless no one is watching her. If a kid touches her, she loses all her magic. So, I thought I'd give it a shot.

I ordered her on Amazon in the middle of last week, by typing in "Pixie elf". She came today, with a white skirt on. And a big book is included.

My 6 year old daughter is SOOO into the Pixie Elf! She has talked about/to it since we put it on the shelf, and hasn't stopped talking. The elf has moved once today to another shelf, and shifted it's body another time. DD said she saw it smile bigger at one point. :popcorn: This is going to probably be just as entertaining to DH and myself as it will be for her this season.
We have had our Elf "Steve" for 2 years now. Our son, 4 1/2, loves him. This year he realized that Steve was not real. He asked me probably 100 questions about Steve on the way to my mom's house (15 min away) the day Steve showed up. Why do his eyes not move? How does he report to Santa if he is not real? How does he move from place to place....etc. We told him he is magic and that seemed to helped. He loves to find him every day. Once I forgot to move him.....instead of telling him it was because Steve really liked that spot, I made up a long drawn out story about Steve staying up late watching a movie with mommy and daddy the night before so he was too tired to visit Santa. My husband just rolled his eyes at me....I have a tendency to make things more complicated than they need to be. Steve does help my son to behave better this time of year. I wish he could be here all year long! Enjoy your Elf. It is a lot of fun.
we LOVE our Elf Charlie. He is the best Christmastime tradition. He helps with obedience. My dd loves to go run through the house and find him every morning. Now Charlie is a little bit of a trouble maker and he is super curious so sometimes he gets in a pickle. Last year he got stuck upside down in the cereal box. He got trapped in the cookie jar, he fashioned a saddle and reins for the dog and rode him around for a few hours. on the morning of Christmas eve last year we "found" him in the bathroom where he had unrolled the tp quite a bit. Anyway my dh and I have a ton of fun with Charlie. DD is 5 and so far Charlie is still real with doubts, but then again so is Santa. I am convinced she thinks Santa is like the UPS man. She knows the presents come from us, but she thinks he delivers them.
We do the elf...but not the one that sits on the shelf...we have the VERY mischievious elves. Ours are into everything. Each morning we wake up to some sort of crazy scene where our elves have obviously had a good time the night before. This morning we found that our elves had made lunches for the kids to take to school...unfortunately they emptied everything from the pantry while doing it. So...in about 15 minutes when the kiddos wake up they are going to be busy putting cans back into the pantry.

Mine cannot wait to see what the elves do next!!
I love these ideas. I will definitely be using some of them! I don't think it could get more magical.
We got our Elf "Alfy Smartypants" last week. Each night he goes back to the North Pole to report to Santa on how the kids have been behaving. My dd was initially scared out of her mind b/c she has behavior issues. Now they can't wait to find him each morning. I totally love this tradition and I wish I would have started it earlier. Mine too came with a book explaining everything.

My kids LOVE it. I got it from Pottery Barn for kids. Hallmark has it as well.
I was thinking of getting a elf but worry about the kids making him disappear. Do your kids try to hide him so he can't report back to Santa?

I'm thinking about writing a letter from Santa to the kids to warn them about having good behavior.
I tried the fake call to Santa last year and DS didn't buy it. DS called Santa from his play phone and told him Mommy was wrong about his behavior.
I tried to the fake call again this year and DD told me she already spoke with Santa and he was giving her one more chance before she landed on the naughty list. She's had more good days than bad days. Grrrr.....

My kids behavior is awful leading up to Christmas... last year was bad and this year is worse.
LMBO!!!!!!! the kids crack me up :D
If you get the elf with the book, it explains that you can't touch him or he'll lose his magic. My kids have not even tried to touch him.
[url=http://www.portablenorthpole.tv/home]Portable North Pole - PNP Communication Console[/url]

Have Santa send your little ones a video...it's amazing how cool this is. Our "elves" contacted their friends at the NOrth Pole and had them ask Santa to make a video for Bella...it's GREAT!
becky, That is a great site. I just did a message for my 6 year old. He is going to be so excited. Thanks!
I'm trying to find the dark skin elf. The company that makes them is located near my office. :clap: I've got a couple of leads for retail stores and if I can't find one I can go by their office to purchase it.

The customer service rep said the dark skin elf is doing really well in sales in the Atlanta area.
I didn't know they had a brown version. I would have totally searched for one had I known. That's cool.
The brown version is fairly new. If you want to change its gender they have a skirt for sale on their website as well as larger plush elves.

Sleep, I am soooooo with you on the bad behavior. Its like DS can't control himself because of the excitement! We hav ebeen doing the Elf on the Shelf for a few years. Last night the dog ate "Percy." Really. It never occured to me to have the elfs do anything but move from one place to another everyday. I will have to mess with ours tonight since it seems to be losing some magic for DS.
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