In the spirit of the holidays I'd really love it if several members between ALL sides would just put aside your differences and play nice.
The snarks, snides, digs, outright BS etc. - let's just give the gift of courtesy instead for a change. I know the holiday season is a trigger for many and also just a real stressful time in general. Instead of bringing it here though, why not do your part to help keep this a safe place for all and a place where we can really enjoy ourselves while receiving the support needed? The overall tone lately is just "bleh" and I think ALL of us need more cheer.
I'm not playing the blame game with anyone so please don't bother posting "but they start it!". All sides have been guilty of late so I'm just not interested.
Some of you might not remember this little rule in the TOS but it has to do with respecting other members and discussions. I don't see a whole lot of that lately. There's also another little blurb in there that says if a member requires too much moderation and is always a pain in the butt, that member can be banned. So there's the little piece of "coal" for everyone which I'd like to keep for my own stocking if you don't mind. I am after all the Grinch.;)
There are so many of you on here from all sides of the triad whom I just truly like and respect and I'd like to end the year with a bit more understanding and support from everyone. :love:
Oooh ooh oh! I want to be all drunk and sloppy!!!
(sounds like a nice idea Crick)