I am looking for the Family of Julies Ann Ross (birth name) born in 1928 in Brookfield Mo. was adopted in 1930 from a family in Kansas City or St.louis area. Her birth mother was Edna Mae Ross from Brookfield Mo who also is now deceased, and took all the information with her. Julie has 2 brothers and 1 sister still alive, 1 brother deceased and we are looking for her family. Thank You
Have you registered with the MO Reunion Registry? Few people know about it but you never know. The link gives you the details.
[url=]Missouri Adoption Laws[/url]
You can also register your search for free at just in case your sister registered there too.
Have you considered contacting the newspaper? Sometimes they will run it as a human interest story.
Have you searched both the message boards and the census data?
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Documentary about adoptees in pre-production
Hello. I am an adult adoptee who is planning to film a documentary about adoptees and their struggle to find members of their birth families. It will focus on the difficult search process, in terms of the material and psychological effects it has on the adoptee and their families.
In the production stage, we will be filming in Austin, Texas. We need your help, in a supportive way through getting the word out about what we are doing, writing letters to you state representatives and the white house, as well as your donations, both large and small.
If you would like to appear in the documentary, please send me a one-page synopsis of what has happened to you in your search and it must be so compelling that I could not turn you down.
Please visit our website at [url=]NEWS FROM NIGHT EAGLE - Home[/url] for more information.
Hope to hear from you soon.
Carol Shoemaker, Director
Adult Adoptees: Second-Class Citizens (An Indy Film)
Diamond in the Rough Productions
A Carol Shoemaker Production
254 577-5958