How long did it take for you?
From beginning to end to get your foster lisence. I just did my intake interview on the phone with basic background information. They said someone would be contacting me within a week to let me know what comes next. I am in SC. I know every state and county are different, but just wanted to know how everyone else's process went.
October 14 to June 4 to get licensed.

June 4 to August 28 to meet my forever daughter.

Aug 28 to Oct 20 to finalize our adoption.

371 days.
In my area you have to do your training first and then home study, and then licensing. You can do your background checks while doing the training (b/c we have to pay for those).

So we started 10/1/2009, our license was granted on 4/23/10. We had about a month lag in there when we were not pushing things to get done because our DS had surgery (our HS was being written, and usually it's only 2 weeks and it was about 5 for us).
The first time we were licensed it took from May-September and we got a placement after 12 days.

This time we had orientation in September and done December.
We are in Texas. I did the application in July, started classes in September. It was supposed to be August for classes, but I had an opportunity to go to Tanzania for two weeks, so I put the classes on hold. We had our homestudy in November, our final walkthrough and contract signing the first week in December, and were licensed a week later, on Dec. 13. We are licensed for two, ages 0-4, any sex/race/mild medical issues, and are currently waiting on a placement.

It took, in reality, just over three months from when we started classes to when our license was granted.
We started the classes at the end of August, finished them at the end of October. First homestudy was completed the first week of December, but due to some biased, homophobic and flat out incorrect information, the homestudy had to be redone. (The worker actually lost her job because of how unethical and incorrect the homestudy was). The second homestudy started in the middle of January, completed by the middle of March. We were finally licensed April 16th, which was also our 7 year anniversary. All in all, it took about 8 months. We got our first foster placement 6 weeks later.
It was only 43 days for us. Our SW said it was the fastest anyone in the state they have ever seen. 6 months is usually the norm here in Washington. We are waiting for our first placement. Have gotten a call, but had to say no. Unhappy
It took 6 months to get our adoptive study done in 2008.

We took PRIDE (foster care) classes starting 1/09. We then quit our agency. We contact a new agency 12/21/09 who picked up our old file and had our FC license in our hands on 3/1/10.

You didn't ask but IMO the two biggest factors are how organized you are about getting everything that is requested completed and back to the worker. The 2nd factor is the worker, which you have little control over. Be nice, be polite, be persistant.
I agree with post above. We were very organized and did all the parts we could do ourselves pretty efficiently. Our SW on the other hand was in much less of a rush and even with a lot of pressure took a long time.
We began the journey in February, 2010. We live in a very small rural community in Virginia and just one social worker does the homestudies and licensing. (According to the VDSS website we have just 10 children in care in our county) We completed everything that was asked of us within 48 hours of the request. We were finally licensed December 2, 2010 and are being presented for two different sibling groups.
We inquired in August of 09. Started the next PRIDE class in October. 'Graduated' PRIDE in December of 09. Licensed Jan. 15th of 2010. Homestudy in July of 2010. Social worker 'forgot' to get it approved and went on maternity leave. Discovered the last fact at the beginning of December 2010. Supervisor made it right 12/10/10.
Everything they gave us to do, we did right then and there. No procrastinating here.
Good luck!
Still waiting for that placement!
We were licensed through a private agency, and it took us about 6 months to get our license. We had to get background checks from 2 states because we hadn't lived in our current state for at least 5 years, which delayed our process a bit.

Best wishes in your journey! :flower: [/font]
We are located in NH.

I called in late Sept 08 and took the Oct-Nov 08 classes.

We were licensed by January 1st 2009

It took 3 months to be licensed.

January 2009 to March 2010----waited for a call

March 2010--heard about "R"... Adoption set for next week Jan 2011

Two years from receipt of license to adoption.
10 Long months!!:grr:
About 4 months from the initial meeting to taking classes until we received our lisence.
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