I was born 1-22-62 in Dade Co., Florida. My adoption took place 6 months later in Illinois. My Florida birth certificate lists my adopted parents as my parents. No hospital name or any other info on there. My Mom told me my b-moms name was Faye Robinson and my name at birth was Tracy Robinson. I have tried to get original bc or any info from both states to no avail, its like I don't exist? What to do?? Any help much appreciated.
Angela Harris
Illinois changed their law and in November 2011 adoptees can get their original birth certificate. I am not completely sure whether or not you can get yours from Illinois...or whether it will still be sealed because you were born in Florida. You could call the Illinois Vital Statistics office and ask.
The link below has not been updated with the new law but if you go to link for vital statistics or call you should be able to get an answer but there is other actions you can take that are described in the first link.
[url=]Illinois Adoption Laws[/url]
Illinois Adoption Registry and Medical Information Exchange (IARMIE)
Department of Public Health
Division of Vital Records
535 West Jefferson Street
Springfield, IL 62761
(217) 557-5159 or toll-free in Illinois (877) 323-5299
If your original birth certificate is only available from Florida you need to follow the following info.
[url=]Florida Adoption Laws -[/url] but don't hold your breath...
You should also request from Illinois your non-id information that should include how old your mother was at the time of surrender and sign up on their registries.
You can post your search (and search for matches but leave the day off as memories fade, changes happened back then on our birth certicates etc) on the registry here as well as
If you still draw a blank you can ask for help from a search angel (FREE) but they will ask you for your non-id info from the state (and/or adoption agency)...
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My sons new birth certificate (from FL) reads as if we are his birth parents (which bugs me immensely, but that is for another thread). The only proof that he existed under some other name in some other place lies in his SSI records... but since you were so little when adopted I don't know that you would have had a SSN from your birth family.
DD3 has three BCs from FL, long story. We have a copy of the first and original certified copies of the last two (thanks to a relatinship with the birthparents).
The birth registration number is the same on all three. The short form copies do not list town or hospital, etc., only county. I am told that all the other associated information is in state records and available. You should be able to obtain the information associated with your new certificate. Simply ask for it without mentioning the adoption. You will probably have to submit copies of your BC and driver's license or something like that.
I was also able to get DD3's birth records from the hospital. That was pre-adoption and I wrote a letter stating that we were fostering her and attempting to get her medical records centralized. I had to provide a copy of our placement letter and my driver's license. I don't see why the same couldn't be done post-adoption if you have the name and birth registration number. In our case, I was surprised that they did not redact the mother's name but I think it was an oversight. From the hospital's point of view, they are the child's records, not the mother's, so there really is no privacy issue. They are not foster care or adoption records and so are not sealed.
I don't know how open or closed FL is or how they might re-file original BCs to flag that they are no longer active, but since you have the birth registration number, that might help, especially if you are not asking for a certified copy.
When records do open (surely that is inevitable? let's hope so), having the registration number to identify yourself and locate the old record should be very helpful. I would think it would be the same in other states, but don't really know.
Here is a link that might be helpful: [url=]Miami-Dade County Health Department | Vital Records[/url]
I would like to know if anyone out there searching for a person with the last name of Dennis, born March 19, 1969, in Key West, Monroe County, Florida. I am that person you may be looking for. My father may have been military. I have a copy of shot records that say they were transcribed from the Department of Defense. It also says something about it being for international travel. I am searching for birth parents and siblings, and also for medical history. If anyone could help, please do so. Thank you for your help.