How long once a family member is identified will kinship take place? FS parents are to go to court within the next week. Caseworker is going to suggest that FS stay in placement a bit longer as mom is the only one working the plan. She has told cw that she is not with husband at the moment. A family member has come forward and would like to care for fs. We would like him to go to the family member asap as we are growing very attached to him and can see that RU is just a matter of time. CW tells me that kinship takes time and tons of paper work. I am fearful that CW will not do the paper work as she is hoping RU will be within the next 3-6 months. We do not want FS to go to a new foster home but we are at the point where we want to bow out to family if that is where he is going to go eventually. We also feel that mom will not stay heathy long and it would be great if family were ready and waiting. We have always been upfront that we are a foster to adopt home. So just what is involved in kinship? Will the realitives have to take classes as though they are becoming foster parents?
I think it depends on your area. In our county, kinship only requires that you pass a background check and a home study. However, if the caseworker has concerns, they can request additional stuff to take place like some parent training, psych evals, etc. Depends on how qualified the kinship placement is. That can happen as quickly as 2 weeks or it can take QUITE awhile. Our county caseworkers rarely hesitate to start kinship paperwork because it's a heck of a lot cheaper to put the kids in kinship placements than regular foster.
In our area Kinship actually takes less time, since they can have placement of the child and have 30 days post placement to "expedite" the licensing process.
When the great aunt for our ffd was identified as being a placement resource, it took 2.5 months before she was moved. The great aunt was identified at the 6 month hearing, background check and updated homestudy was ordered by the court at that point. They did not have to go back to court to grant the move, as all the parties agreed to it.
On the other hand, our first fd's aunt was identified as being a resource a month into placement. A homestudy was done and CPS did not recommend placement. The judge ordered her to be placed with the aunt at the court hearing, which was 1 week after the homestudy came back.
Depending upon the situation, it could happen very quickly or take forever.
We have two little boys that have an aunt who would like them. Our SW said 6 months before the homestudy is even complete, because relative care homestudies are behind and not priority.
We have become SO attached to these little guys, and I selfishly hope the aunt is not approved, (another family member was denied last week). SW thinks she will be denied, but you never know. We too are foster/adopt, and it looks like their case will go to adoption. It's still early and a lot can change, but fingers crossed!
I am going to continue to get attached... and I know they are bonded with me.... so if they are moved it will kill me. But I want what is best for these boys and I will let myself get attached because it is what they need. They will have a part of me forever! I never knew I could love someone so much! To me it is a small price to pay. I couldn't imangine moving them because I was attached. I urge you to consider to keep them no matter what. You never know what will happen with relatives. Here most of them aren't approved. A long time fp I know said family will come out of the woodworks and it is a rollercoster when you are doing legal risk placements. So unless you take in a legally free placement, odds are you will have family wanting placement through TPR.
While yes it's possible RU & kinship can happen, it is also possible it won't. We are hanging in there hoping our boys stay with us forever. To us it's worth the risk.
We were kinship placement for our now-son. We were able to have him in our care while we worked on getting our foster license. We had to go through the same exact process as somebody who was getting their general FL. It took just as long too, about 6 months.