Just wanted to recommend this for those who want to try. I know each baby/child is different, and what works for one might not work for another. But I had such a hard time trying to figure out what to use to make his hair not so dry, and how often to use it, that I wanted to let others know what I've found. This just has J's hair and scalp looking so great. It's called "Hawaiian Silky Miracle Worker 14-in-1". An AA lady at Sally's Beauty Supply recommended it to me for daily use for J. It's a spray-in product. It makes it so a comb slides so smoothly through his hair, and his hair just looks so silky and nice with it in (if I do say so myself!) Then we also use coconut oil for his scalp alone, once weekly.
The picture below has absolutely nothing to do with this post -- I just had to take this opportunity to share a pic, too! I haven't yet gotten over the thrill of actually being a mom, and having pics to bore everyone else with! He's 10 months old next week -- you'd never know he was born two months premature and at 3.3 pounds, would you?! He's 21 pounds now -- 7 times what he was when he was born. (He's sleeping now -- I need to take a picture of his hair after we put this product in it, and post that here instead -- at least that way the picture would be in some way related to the post!)
OMG what a totally gorgeous baby!!!! He's completely adorable.
Thanks for the tip on the product... can you buy it at sally's or in a store or is it something you have to order online?? (I hate shopping online and I'll avoid it if at all possible!!!)
Thanks, Oceanica! Yes, I actually bought this at Sally's. I'm not sure if it's in other stores.
OMG he is gorgeous!! Those eyes are to DIE for!!!
I can't wait to see the hair picture!!
I wonder if coconut oil weekly would help with cradle cap in a CC baby? DS is 2.5 months old now, and is just starting to develop it. Thought I might get a handle on it before it gets too bad.
Think of you lots!
I'd love a good solution to cradle cap. T has it (6 months old) and every time I try to get it off in any way big clumps of her hair come with it. She is going to be bald soon!!!
I am so jealous that your little guy has on shoes! I cannot find any shoes that will stay on T's feet. She has big fat stumps for feet and either it won't go on, or it won't stay on. She has never worn any shoes in her life so far!
What a sweety! I can't believe he is 10 months old (he looks older!!!) because it seems like just a blink of an eye ago that you had your adoption adventure.
So good to hear from you guys!
NSB: It's always so wonderful to hear from you. I'm sorry, I don't know if coconut oil would work for cradle cap or not. It couldn't hurt to try though. J never had cradle cap. What we dealt with in the early months was a lot of bumps on his face, and patchy skin. But no cradle cap -- so I'm sorry, I can't help there! :(
Becky: Sorry about the shoe thing - that would definitely be a bummer. I used to go to the baby section of stores for years and just long to buy the cute baby clothes and shoes. So when I took J home from the hospital, it was SUCH a thrill to have a reason to shop in the baby section! And I bought several different pairs of shoes for him right away -- I love putting shoes on him. He has huge feet (even at 4 pounds and in the incubator, when I first saw him, I noticed he had huge feet!) So I'm spending a fortune on shoes already, even at his young age. But yeah, I'd be bummed too about not being able to get shoes to stay on her.
Quesita: People keep telling me he's a big boy. I don't really know what size babies typically are at different ages, since he's my first, but you're one of many whose told me he's big for his age. And yes, it does seem like that whole anti-adoption hospital and anti-adoption,-do-everything-you-can-to-make-this-as-difficult-as-possible-for-both-birthmom-and-PAP-NICU-head FIASCO was only a short time ago!
Gwen: I sure do have my hands full! You hit the nail on the head. And I was always so opposed to putting my child in daycare, but since I work at home, and he's very mobile, guess what we're starting next week?!
I'll try to remember to take a picture of his hair soon. The only thing is, after he sleeps, or we put his hat on and off, his hair gets kinked up again and we have to comb it out again -- but I guess there's no product that's going to stop that from happening. Even at those times, though, if you spend just a few minutes combing out the very top of the part of his hair that's the thickest, then the comb will go right through the whole head of hair again. It's just been a wonderful product for us.
Awesome! I am going to check it out. I have been using BB Moisturizing Oil on my son's hair and it looks great for a little while, but then gets frizzy. I really want something that lasts longer.
Also, my son is also getting bumps on his face and neck. What did you use on your son's skin? Thanks!
Awesome! I am going to check it out. I have been using BB Moisturizing Oil on my son's hair and it looks great for a little while, but then gets frizzy. I really want something that lasts longer.
Also, my son is also getting bumps on his face and neck. What did you use on your son's skin? Thanks!
Actually, I don't use anything on his face at all -- not even much soap. I use regular lotions on his body, but I'm sure to not get any on his face, or he gets "oil bumps" (I don't know if that's really what they are, but that's what I call them!)
Just wanted to chime in to say your little boy IS gorgeous!!!! We have three AA babies....who aren't really babies anymore; and one baby that's Hisp/AA who's still a little toddler. Thanks for posting this about the hair product. We have a Sally's that just opened. I'm thinking the smell will be nice? That's one issue for me: It HAS to smell great. :)
Wow, he has gotten to be such a big baby boy!!! Look at him sitting up, looking all toddler-like! :) I remember the odyssey you went through for him, and now here he is all healthy, happy, and clearly thriving despite all this adoption business (where is the sarcasm font???). :eyebrows:
I put Cam in her first "big kid" shoes today: little pink Converses. Getting them on her feet was an ordeal, but so flippin' cute.
wow what a cutie....yes he is a big boy, but I'm here trying to fatten my child up so I'm a bit jealous....L is barely 21 lbs at 18 months....but she eats like a horse so yanno, don't know what else to do except make sure all food has high calories :eek:
I just had to chime in and say he's a cutie!!!!!! I can't believe he's 10 months old!!!!!!!!!!