Looking for a baby girl born 1961 in/around Suitland, MD
Hello. I'm brand new to these adoption forums. I'm trying to help my mom locate her half sister. I recently found out that my mother has a half sister who was put up for adoption. My mom told me she was in college at the time and she had come home one weekend and her mother was very clearly pregnant (this was around 1961) and then the next time she came home, her mother was not pregnant. My dad corroborated that story. My parents had just begun dating back then and he said the first time he met my grandmother, she was obviously pregnant but the next time he saw her, she was not. My mom had 2 younger half sisters who were living at home at that time. They were young, maybe 10 & 8 at the time. Her one sister said a few years ago that she thought the baby was a girl and that her name was Amber. They lived in Suitland, MD at the time and my grandmother was a federal employee, I think she may have been a civilian Navy employee. It's so close to DC that this could be either a MD or DC adoption. Also, my grandmother by that time had had 3 different husbands, all of whom were in the military. Her 1st & 3rd husbands are the ones she had children with. I believe her 3rd husband was Air Force and that they had been at Andrews AFB or close to it for a while. I'm thinking this last baby girl was conceived after they split and no one (but my grandmother) knows who the father was and the reason she gave the baby up. I don't know if she would have had access to a military hospital then. My grandmother passed away in 2004, so we can't ask her anything now. My mom never found anything in my grandmother's papers or possessions after she passed away either.

Anyway, I'm just not sure where to start. I have no records of any kind or even a birth date beyond that it was around 1961, maybe spring or summer in Suitland, MD or the surrounding area? I just don't know. Oh, and of course I have my grandmother's name and birthdate. Her b/d was June 5, 1922 in Hilo, HI. She'd have been approximately 39 at the time of the birth. I'd be happy to share a name if you think you might be my aunt. Smile If you do think you may be my aunt, please PM me. Any suggestions anyone may have would be much appreciated.
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