Activities for bed-ridden kids
My FD (2.5) has been in a hospital bed for a week now and is getting sick of watching movies, coloring, painting, and playdoh.
Any ideas? she will probably be here at least 3 or 4 more days. She normally goes nonstop all day everyday so this new for her.
Can she play with any toys? You could get her a Duplo Lego set or some puzzles. A doll or new stuffy might help too. I think the key would be at her age for it to be a fresh toy so he attention is grabbed right away.

Hope she's better soon.
Does the hospital have a child life specialist? They would have things on hand to entertain.
Maybe an Etch-a-Sketch or Magnadoodle, puppets, or simple puzzles.

I'm so sorry for everything that she's been through. Hopefully she goes home soon.
Manicures and pedicures, board games depending how old of a 2.5 year old she is, video games, appropriate web surfing. My son was on [url=]Read to me - Las Vegas[/url] the other day and it was pretty cool. Disney and pbskids also have kid appropriate web content. You might ask if she can go to the playroom for a couple of hours a day if they have one. Of if you can put her in a stroller and drive her around the hospital.
[url=] Find It Games Kids Version - Red Ends: Toys & Games[/url]
I made a home made version of this using rice and things I found around the house. A pony tail holder, penny, dime, paperclip, etc. I put it all in a freezer zip lock bag and typed the list of what to find. I also duct taped the bag shut. This was after my dd's surgery.
Leap frog has lots of electronic toys that are geared for different ages.
Stickers are fun, just give her a book, a sticker book if you can find it, or just a note book and let her fill it with stickers.
This could be fun
[url=] Alex Toys My Giant Busy Box: Toys & Games[/url]
A magnetic play set like this one
[url=] Melissa & Doug Abby & Emma Deluxe Magnetic Dress-Up: Toys & Games[/url] (there were some others too, one with bears and others with scenes)
Maybe a doctor kit she can use on a doll or bear?
I am going to post you a long list of things I do w/ my daughter for Attachment Therapy. I think these would all be perfect for this time while she's in a bed! Just click the link to my blog... I put it there for anyone interested!

[url=]Quacken Baby: Attachment Exercises... Updated... A Must Read![/url]
looks like others addressed that I wanted to add....

I wonder if you could do toddler/infant massage to help her relax and massage has many multitude documented benefits such as improved circulation, increased good endorphins, decreased healing time.
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