I am so clueless!
I'm here hoping someone can help me, as I don't even know where to start.
There's a 14 year old girl in foster care in St. Cloud. She was removed from her father in January because he was sexually abusing her. Her mother didn't want her, so she was sent to her grandmother, who later decided she didn't want her. So the girl was put into foster care where she is now, in a group home.
I would like to take her, adopt her. I've known her since she was 2, her grandfather was like a father to me. The problem is I moved to Virginia over the summer. My husband is in the Army.
Where do I start? Who do I contact? How do I begin this process? Will the state even allow this since I'm not in Florida anymore? ANY information is greatly appreciated.
Sorry if I'm posting this in the wrong place.
Desperately seeking help,
Yes. You should find out the social worker on her case and ask to be considered for kinship placement. Then contact your local DSS (or equiv) and get started on Foster Care licensing. It might take months. They will have to do a lot of paperwork (called an ICPC) to move her, but it's very possible, even if you are out of state.
the local dcyf is a great start. You'll also need to contact Florida DYCF asap and let them know of your interest.