Will the child's foster money affect my SSI payments?
Hi! I'm new to this site and this is my first post. I actually just got my fostering license in the mail today (finally! =) :banana: ) and now I'm worrying that the monthly payment the agency will give me for the child will affect my SSI payments. I have a rare form of brain cancer and SS and SSI are my only means of income so I'm afraid I won't be able to take in foster children if they reduce my SSI. (And I realize I should have thought about this sooner but with all the training/home visits/etc. things have been hectic, haha.) Does anyone have any experience with this subject? Any advice would be GREATLY appreciated =) Thanks!
I dont know for sure (don't know much about SS) but since the stipend is considered a reimbursement, not an income I would think your ss/ssi wouldn't be changed. If you get an adoption subsidy that might be counted towards income though(someone please correct me if I'm wrong!)
I'm in the process of applying for disability for my DS (5yo) and I was told it doesn't count as income for me. It may be different because it's my child who's disabled and not me.
Thank you both for answering. I only seem to be able to find info online about if foster children are disabled but none on foster parents themselves. I seriously hope they would not cut my disability because that would mean I went through the training and hurdles for nothing. With so few foster parents out there, I would hope that they wouldn't take away what little money I do have because I want to help a child. As you said, NotDoneYet, it should be considered a reimbursement and it will be used on the child, not on myself =/

Congrats, ImpactingLives, on your upcoming adoption!!
Where are u from in the UK? I'm from Hull, Yorkshire.
Would you not be better off in the UK- with the cancer and care been fully covered on the NHS? I may be wrong, but u can collect up to 400 pounds per week for foster care.
Yorkshire, I actually live in the U.S. (Illinois). Brittan is just my name =)
I think this is true. The foster care subsidy doesn't count towards income; it goes for the child.
That is what I thought too, Millie =) I seriously hope this is correct.
Foster Care Payments: are not deemed as available income in determining eligibility for SSI. Source: [url=http://www.socialsecurity.gov/ssi/spotlights/spot-deeming.htm]Understanding SSI -- SSI Spotlight on Deeming Parental Income and Resources[/url]
Thanks to everyone who answered this! I really appreciate the input. I went to the Social Security office today and they definitely do NOT count foster care reimbursement as income. Nor do they for adoption.

AND I got my first foster last night at 7 o'clock. A precious 10 day old baby girl =)

Thanks again for all the help!
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